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About HopRocketTools

Welcome to the HopRocketTools business building system!

As a member you have exclusive access to special tools, training, and support... as well as a full portfolio of self-replicated websites for developing both customer and business prospects to explode your HopRocket™ business! It is powered by robust technology that has been custom built and designed specifically for HopRocket™ Elite members. It is easy to use and extremely powerful! But most important of all...

It allows success and results to be EASILY DUPLICATED by your entire team!

By plugging each member of your team into HopRocketTools they will be empowered to duplicate your success and rapidly grow their own HopRocket™ business.

The difference between success and failure
Is having the right system!

Get Plugged In!

With HopRocketTools you're never alone!

Starting up your HopRocket™ business is EXCITING! But before you race off to begin working, get yourself plugged in to our community which is an INVALUABLE resource for getting questions answered and ongoing support... Our culture is to lift each other up and help one another!

HopRocketTools.com is where you'll manage all your personal websites, but we use social media for our living and breathing community to keep you up to date on all the latest information.

Fan Page

The HopRocket™ fan page is used for posting public information and basic education about membership.


Follow us for all the official company news and announcements in real time as they occur!


Subscribe to our HopRocket™ channel for direct access to the videos used throughout the system.

"I will do today, what others will not...
In order to have tomorrow, what others have not!"

The Simple Success System

The "Simple Success System"... Easily duplicated steps backed by automation!

Business is about relationships and that will never change. But... when you add powerful tools and technology to the mix, your job just got easier! Let the system do the selling FOR YOU so you can focus on the relationship. But perhaps most important, this proven system is EASILY duplicated by each and every person who joins your team!

HopRocket Travel

It all starts with a simple video! HopRocket™ is a ridiculously exciting product that virtually EVERYONE is interested in. People who love to travel will love saving money even more... and those who WOULD love to travel but can't afford it now have options as well. Just have a natural conversations with people to spark interest...

Then simply send them to one of your customer websites to explain the details:

From there, they can watch the HopRocket™ sizzle video, read about additional program details, and become familiar with the basics. Those interested in taking a test drive will submit the form to request a free Trial Membership from you and 14-day access to the booking engine to purchase at the Member rate.

When they submit the form, you'll receive a notification. You'll be able to access all of the data in the "Customer Prospects" tab of your Prospect Management system.

But while you're in the process of working with them, providing the Trial Membership, and doing your follow-up calls... the system will be working for you!

They will receive a series of automated customer emails over the course of their 14-day Guest access period which will sell HopRocket™ for you! These emails explain every important detail of the service, reinforce the key benefits and value, and ultimately help lead each prospect to book travel and save!

For those interested in HopRocket™ as a business, have them watch the "press-play" company overview video! Simply direct them one of your opportunity websites:

There they can get more detailed information on the business, compensation plan, and system. When they submit the form to request more information, you'll receive a notification. You'll be able to access all of their data in the "Business Prospects" tab of your Prospect Management system.

Call them up right away! Start moving them into the Validation step of the process. In the mean time the system will be working for you by sending out a series of automated business emails over the course of a week which will help recruit them into your team! These emails reinforce the incredible opportunity we have with HopRocket™ and help explain many details so you don't have to!

Now it's time to validate that this is the real deal! They love what they've seen! The videos are great and the details they've read on your websites are exciting! But now it's critical to help them see that HopRocket is taking off with people everywhere!

Third party validation is a critical step that will reinforce and add credibility to this process. When you follow up with your prospect, help answer their questions and schedule follow-up calls as needed. But most importantly... get them plugged in! The best way to do this is through a 3-way call with your sponsor or upline.

But there are other ways as well... virtually every single day there is some type of conference call, webinar, or company event happening that you can plug your prospects into. Just watch the Calendar and get them connected!

Validation is easy! By definition it's other people doing this work for you. But it's also the most important step in the process to move your prospect into your business. The videos and websites will have shown them how easy this business is and built confidence that it will work for them too... but once they see the incredible support available as well, they'll be ready to jump in!

Time to get them enrolled! They see the value of HopRocket™ and are excited to act. The only question now is... what level do they want to enroll at?

If they're excited about the business opportunity, direct them to your MyHopRocket site to enroll as an Elite Member. They will automatically receive the HopRocket Tools system to immediately start duplicating this entire process with the people they know!

If the business isn't right for them but they want to start saving big on travel, have them enroll in the basic Membership. They'll still earn Rocket Rewards travel credits by referring other people!

Additional Resources

While many of these materials are available through your HopRocket™ back office, they are included here for your convenience along with additional resources exclusive to HopRocketTools members.

Social Media Library
Like our style? Aw shucks... well thanks!
Because we make all of the content available for you to use!
We've created a massive portfolio of beautiful graphics, videos, photos, and images... all available for you to use in promoting your personal HopRocket™ websites. Each file is custom designed from scratch (not knocked off from other people's work!) and specifically developed to complement your personal system websites!
Post them on social media, your own websites, or use them in your own professionally printed marketing materials! You will never run out of ammunition for building your business with HopRocketTools!
The media library is divided into categories. There is a complete set of promotional images for each of your different website themes. You can view the available images individually below. Promote your business by posting them on social media or anywhere else you like but always make sure to link them to your own self-replicated system pages! These materials allow your new Elite members to easily launch their business in a professional way without having to be able to explain every detail of the HopRocket™ business.
Last updated 10-20-2015
Print Ready Materials
You're gonna look GOOD... the system includes a full portfolio of professional print ready materials!
From business cards, to flyers, to pop-up banners or whatever else you may need... HopRocketTools includes an entire series of professionally designed marketing materials. Simply click a button and they will be instantly personalized with your contact information and available for download. Take the files to your favorite print service and you'll be looking like a million bucks!
Simply select the document you wish to create and click the button below. A PDF file will be dynamically using your account information. As a member these materials will be auto-generated using your own contact information for that ultra-professional look!
Website To Be Used
Business Cards
Business Card - Red
Business Card - Red (back)
Business Card - White
Business Card - White (back)
Business Card - Gray
Business Card - Gray (back)
Other Materials
Business Card Invitation
Business Card Invitation (back)
Free Trial Invitation (4" x 6")
Free Trial Invitation (back)
Business Passport Card (4" x 6")
Business Passport Card (back)
HopRocketTools Flyer (7" x 5")
HopRocketTools Flyer (back)
Independent Elite Member Logo
Verified Seal
Place the Verified Seal on your own websites to validate yourself as a HopRocketTools member!
An effective recruiting tool that differentiates your business from other opportunities...
People recognize a powerful system when they see one. HopRocket™ is taking the industry by storm and lots of people are interested in becoming distributors. But many will do their homework before deciding who they will enroll with. The advantages available to HopRocketTools members have not gone unnoticed by the market. By promoting yourself as a HopRocketTools member, you are validating to prospects that by enrolling with you, they will have access to the same powerful systems and tools.
As a HopRocketTools member, you'll be provided a small code snippet that you can simply copy and paste into your own websites and your HopRocketTools verified seal will appear. You have the ability to control which of your contact information is displayed.
Promotional Banners
Promote your system websites and get the word out about your HopRocket™ business!
Banner ads are great for displaying at the bottom of your email, or on your own personal websites. They can also be used in any type of marketing you want to do to promote your business.
There is NO substitute for simply talking to the people you already know about your HopRocket™ business, but banner ads provide an additional option for long term continued growth.
A full set of banners is provided for each of your system websites. Each set contains all of the standard banner sizes commonly required and used by advertisers.
Just select the system site you want to promote and the complete list of available banners will be displayed. Download the banner(s) you wish to use and save them locally. You can then add/upload them wherever you want to promote your websites - just make sure to link the banner to your personal site!
Rectangles and Pop-Ups
Banners and Buttons
HopRocket™ Documents
We keep it all easy... and right at your fingertips!
Most of these materials are available directly from your HopRocket™ backoffice or company website, but we include them here for your convenience as well.
As new documents and materials become available from HopRocket™ they are added here. Some materials are only visible when you are logged into HopRocketTools.
Always check the company website, but otherwise know we're watching out for you at HopRocketTools!

Event Calendar

We have some of the best leadership in the industry! You have never experienced hands on personalized training and support like this... On any given day or week there are a wide range of conference calls, webinars, team meetings, etc. occurring which are specifically developed to support you in building your business.

All times shown in HopRocket corporate time (US/Mountain Time)

Training Archive

Blast off your business with the basics! Building your business is as simple as sharing HopRocket with others, using the tools available to you, and then helping them to get plugged into the same system.

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